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Shared inbox

Manage support@, info@, contact@ — you name it.

Collaborate on customer communication to respond faster and deliver an outstanding experience.

Handling customer email with your team shouldn't be this hard

Email wasn’t built for team collaboration and we can all feel it — including your customers. CC’s and Reply-all’s get messy fast and it’s hard to be sure who’s working on what. You end up with multiple replies, missed messages, and unhappy customers.

Front lets us deliver a consistent experience, no matter where you are or who you are. Front keeps us organized in a way no other tool could.
Kevin Miller, Director of Growth, Open ListingsRead story

Collaborate on email to respond lightning-fast

Work off a single, shared copy of each message to coordinate quickly and get back to customers faster. @Mention your teammates to save internal comments in the thread for later. Edit email drafts together to avoid the back-and-forth before you send.

Every message has an owner so nothing slips through the cracks

In Front, every message is accounted for. Know exactly who’s working on what by assigning each one to an owner for follow up. Use automatic workflow rules to tag and route messages to keep your inbox organized and respond faster.

Happy team, happy customers — no help desk required

No ticket numbers here: to your customers, it’s just normal email. As your business grows, add new channels like SMS, WhatsApp, or live chat to manage them all in one place. Front stays invisible to customers but keeps your team organized behind-the-scenes.

Deliver the customer experience you strive for with easy SLAs

SLA rules give you guardrails to ensure every message gets a timely response. Set your response time goal up front, and overdue conversations will be surfaced to your team automatically for urgent replies.

The inbox that helps your team move faster

Quickly reference CRMs and other apps from your inboxUpdate account details and project trackers from Front instead of jumping between apps to get context.
Quickly reference CRMs and other apps from your inboxUpdate account details and project trackers from Front instead of jumping between apps to get context.
Set your team up for success as your business growsFront's easy to learn and easy to update as your needs change, no need to train your team on a brand new tool.
Understand team performance with customizable analyticsReport on response time and message tags to understand your customer experience and find ways to improve.
Consolidate work in one placeManage individual email, group email like contact@, your company Twitter, and more in one platform.
Familiar like Outlook or GmailInstead of a clunky help desk that slows down your team, Front's platform feels quick and intuitive like your inbox.
Efficient email systemSave message templates for common questions and set reminders to automatically follow up.
Multi-channel messagingFront supports more than just email — connect SMS, WhatsApp, and more to manage it all in one platform.
Customize with apps and APIsIntegrate your CRM, backend software systems, and more to get context and make updates from your inbox.
Easy help desk migrationImport tools for Zendesk, Help Scout, and Freshdesk make getting started with Front a breeze.
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