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Logistics & Transportation

The inbox built for modern logistics teams

Never miss another critical message with Front.

Trusted by logistics and transportation companies of all shapes and sizes

Email? Chat? SMS? It's all in one place.

For your team, every missed email is a missed opportunity — and potential lost revenue. With Front, you can organize, track, and optimize all of your customer communications as a team in one place so no message ever slips through the cracks again.

Front has transformed how we manage email. As a team, we can quickly sort and reply to the hundreds of emails we receive each day — with no time wasted. Front has enabled us to respond to every customer inquiry within minutes."

Evan Mazzocchi, Epic Freight Solutions

Built-in assigments keep everyone accountable

Assign follow ups, @mention teammates to work on email drafts together, and have lightning-fast internal discussions about quotes and shipments without a single CC or BCC.

With Front, the customer has a single point of contact, but on our side, we know exactly who is working on what and when it’s done."

Jordan Kidd, Freightworks Transportation & Logistics

Track business-critical metrics

Monitor team performance, track email response times, and project revenue based on message volume. Front gives you a bird’s eye view into your company’s operations.

We tell our customers that we will respond within 15 minutes. Having the ability to measure that in Front was really important to us."

Douglas Kurtz, MNX Global Logistics

Enforce response times with email SLAs

Avoid missing out on valuable business opportunities. Front's SLA rules help you respond faster and prevent breaches before they happen with automatic warnings for urgent messages.

Front has been key as we’ve scaled. We’ve set up rules in Front to automate things that were just slowing us down before."

Andrew Whipple, Logistics Dynamics Inc.

Every growing company will come to a crossroads of sorts. You’re bringing in more business. You’re hiring more people. But you’ll reach a point where your inbox just can’t keep up with that demand. You owe it to yourself and to your customers.
Andrew Whipple III, Logistic Dynamics Inc.Read story

Your communication command center

Eliminate missed emailsShared inboxes give your team visibility into new, oldest, and unresponded emails at a glance.
No more duplicate repliesCollision detection and email assignments let you know when someone else is responding.
Track email status Get notified of email responses in your team’s inbox, even when you’re not CC’d or on the reply-all.
Follow up remindersSet up automatic reminders to email a customer if you don’t get a response within a few hours.
Automate routing and triageSet up automated workflows to organize, tag, and route emails to respond faster.
See who’s read your emailRead receipts on emails tell you if your customers have opened and read your emails.
Eliminate missed emailsShared inboxes give your team visibility into new, oldest, and unresponded emails at a glance.

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