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Making missions possible

Every business got started to accomplish something great. To transport goods more efficiently, enable small business growth, connect people and communities, and so much more. But no matter what that mission is, achieving it depends on communicating with your customers to help them succeed. Those interactions where teams and customers meet is the heart of business. 

But in the mad quest for productivity, many of these customer interactions have lost their luster. People are working harder, faster than ever before to check off tasks and wearing “busy” like a badge of honor. Meanwhile bots, auto-replies, and long response times have replaced genuine, human connections. 

It’s time to stop being busy and start making an impact. 

That’s where Front comes in. Front powers the heart of business: the meaningful connections between teams and customers that lead to lasting relationships. Investing in the heart of business transforms work into impact and in turn, makes more missions possible. 

Front was founded by CTO Laurent Perrin and CEO Mathilde Collin.

offices in San Francisco, Paris, and Phoenix
Front employees across our three offices
of Front employees who find their work meaningful
in venture funding from respected firms and investors
businesses transforming work into impact with Front
customers served by teams using Front
offices in San Francisco, Paris, and Phoenix
Founded in Paris by Mathilde Collin (CEO) and Laurent Perrin (CTO)
Moved to San Francisco and launched from Y Combinator
Raised $10M Series A
Raised $66M Series B and opened office in Paris
Acquired calendar startup Meetingbird
Raised $59M Series C from future of work leaders
Proudly backed by respected venture capital firms
And independent investors including
Jay SimonsPresident, Atlassian
Eric YuanFounder & CEO, Zoom
Frederic KerrestExecutive Vice Chairman, COO, & Co-founder, Okta
Ryan SmithCo-founder & CEO, Qualtrics
Jared SmithCo-founder, Qualtrics
Michael Canon-BrooksCo-founder & CEO, Atlassian