Turn your inbox into your sales command center

Spend less time sorting through messages and more time with your accounts

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Move leads through the funnel faster with Front

Lower response times for inbound leads

Reply faster to emails and website chats as a team. Automated rules assign leads immediately to the right teammate or on a round-robin basis.

Collaborate quickly to keep deals moving forward

Loop in the right teammates with @mentions and comments to get input on a draft or next steps, and save internal context directly on the conversation.

Personalize emails at scale and never forget a follow up

Set up sequences that send personalized emails to your leads automatically, and snooze messages for later to avoid dropping a single conversation.

Your inbox working for you — not against you

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Manage every channel in one place

Front connects to email, live chat, SMS, and voice, so you can respond to every conversation without switching tools

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Work together behind-the-scenes

Internal comments and shared drafts make it easy to collaborate on replies and hand leads off to the right person

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Keep CRMs updated in real time

CRM integrations like Salesforce, Base, and Pipedrive enable you to create and update records directly from Front

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Assign owners for each message

Choose the right teammate to handle each conversation, so no lead slips through the cracks

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Automate routing and follow up

Set up email sequences and workflow rules that automate your inbox and outreach campaigns

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See who’s reading your emails

Read receipts show who’s opened your messages, so you know when to follow up with them

Connect Front with the apps you rely on

Create and update accounts and opportunities directly from Front, so your CRM is always up to date

Sharing customer requests with your product team is easy — open and edit issues right from your inbox

Connect Front with hundreds of apps to automate sales processes and move leads through the funnel faster

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