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Integrations Fivetran
Send Front data to your cloud data warehouse for analysis
Fivetran replicates and centralizes all your data sources into your cloud data warehouse — from applications, databases, event logs, file stores, and more. After a five minute setup, Fivetran cloud data pipelines are fully managed and zero-maintenance to enable data-backed decisions across your organization.

With Fivetran, you can replicate your Front data into a cloud data warehouse like Amazon Redshift on an ongoing basis. Gain deep insights into your business and customer experience by joining Front data with CRM, payment, and other customer data in your BI tool of choice.

How it works with Front

Use Fivetran's no-maintenance data pipeline to send Front data to your cloud data warehouse, like Redshift or Snowflake, and join it with data from your CRM, payments platform, and other apps.

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