The simplest way to
accelerate sales cycle

Front helps sales teams connect with all leads, reduce customer churn and collect valuable customer feedback in an organized manner.

Create a great first impression

Sales is many times a customer's first point of contact.
Therefore create a good first impression by delivering a great customer experience.

Avoid confusing a lead or customer. Prevent that more than one salesperson reaches out at the same time, with Real-Time Collision Detection.

Have informed conversations and prevent that leads or customers are asked the same question multiple times. Our Salesforce Integration surfaces a contact's information directly within Front.

Connect With All Leads, Faster

Getting in touch with leads in a timely manner increases your probability of
turning them into a customer. With Front:

Automatically Assign leads to salespeople, by expertise or in a random manner, to clearly indicate who should take next steps.

Set Reminders and never forget to connect or re-engage with a lead.

Identify when a lead has read your emails, with Read Notifications, and know when to reach out again.

Create Rules to automatically reassign or move leads back to a team inbox when a salesperson goes on vacation or transitions to another role.

Create templates with Canned Responses and reach out to more leads in less time.

Reduce Customer Churn

Quickly providing answers to leads or customers increases customer loyalty.
For those times when sales reps don't know the answer, use Comments to collaborate internally with other teammates before responding to a lead or customer.

Also, ensure that all customers reach their correct account manager directly by automatically routing conversations to them using Rules.

Collect Valuable Customer Feedback

Sales constantly receives valuable feedback from customers, but keeping track of it can be very time-consuming and messy. With Front, easily identify and record feedback categories by creating and assigning Tags to conversations.
And, use our out-of-the-box Analytics by tags to understand how often each category comes up.