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Managing a shared address like contact@ or help@?

Confusing threads, duplicate replies, and missed messages don’t have to come with the territory. Front streamlines how teams communicate internally and with customers across every channel.

Optimize how your team handles every message

Centralize all your communication in one place

Work as a team to manage all your communication channels in Front — email addresses, SMS, social media, live chat, and voice.

Collaborate with your team behind the scenes

Assign messages to the right teammates, and keep conversations going with internal comments. Reply faster without messy CC’s, Reply-all’s, or Forwards.

Connect your inbox with all the apps you rely on

Get context from your CRM, project tracking tool, or database next to each message and make updates in other apps right from your inbox.

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Front is the hub for the dozens of email accounts we use for customer communication. Comments make it easy to collaborate and help us take the right action on every message, every time – without creating a mountain of unnecessary email.

Sam Brennand
VP of Customer Success, Uberflip

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