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On Demand Webinar

How to manage group email — without distribution lists

Learn how a shared inbox cuts team email volume and supercharges your productivity

Watch this recorded webinar now to learn how Front transforms the way teams collaborate, provides clear ownership for every conversation, and keeps a single email from slipping through the cracks.

There’s a better way to manage email for groups — whether you’re part of a client team (like, a support team (support@), sales team (sales@), or any other group alias. No more simultaneous reply-alls or missed messages. Messy off-shoot conversations. Wasting time reading the same group emails over and over again with no clear ownership or next steps.

Email isn’t going away. So find out how to make it work for your team, not against it.

You’ll learn:

  • The real cost of messy, inefficient group email on your business
  • The new way fast-growing businesses manage their group email
  • How Front transforms your team collaboration and communication — and helps them send less email

Andersen Yu
Customer Success Manager at Front