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Remote work

Remote teams thrive with Front

Easily manage all your communication in one inbox. Seamlessly work together with your team. Communicate clearly so your team can do their best work. With Front, remote teams stay aligned, accountable, and productive.

Working remotely is simple with Front

Front helps teams work faster, smarter, and more collaboratively. Manage every message in one inbox, work on them together in real time, and get a birds-eye view of your team's workload. No need to train your team on a new tool — Front looks and feels like email, so it's fast to set up and easy to jump in and start working right away.

Using Front has allowed us to consistently keep fantastic support in an ever-changing company, across channels, and across time zones.
Jarratt Isted Co-founder, HelpDocsRead story

The source of truth for all your company communications

No matter where you're working from, Front makes it easy to stay on top of company communication. With email, group addresses like team@yourcompany.com, SMS texts, live chat, and more in one collaborative platform, your team will never miss a message.

Collaborate easily, get work done faster

No more sending chat messages to explain emails. With Front, you can chat about emails directly on your email thread. @mention teammates to loop them in. Share email drafts to work together on responses in real time before hitting send. With Front, collaborating is simple so you can get work done faster.

Alignment? Accountability? No problem.

With Front, your team is always on the same page. Understand your team’s workload at-a-glance in shared inboxes. Assign owners to every message so it’s clear who’s responsible for replying. Use analytics to track performance and get insights into response time, busiest time of day, email volume, and more. 

Consolidate work in one placeManage individual email, group email like contact@, your company Twitter, and more in one platform.
Scales with your businessWhether you have 2 email accounts to manage or 2000, Front's platform adapts to your structure and workflow.
Familiar like Outlook or GmailInstead of a clunky help desk that slows down your team, Front's platform feels quick and intuitive like your inbox.
Deliver with consistencySave canned responses for common questions and set reminders to automatically follow up.
Customize with apps and APIsIntegrate your CRM, backend software systems, and more to get context and make updates from your inbox.
Multi-channel messagingFront supports more than just email — connect SMS, WhatsApp, and more to manage it all in one platform.
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