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Manage bookings and itineraries with your team — right from your inbox

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Collaborate in your inbox to handle client requests faster

Manage multiple email accounts in one platform

Set up a dedicated inbox for each client, or manage requests to addresses like bookings@. Assign emails to owners, and work together in comments to cut down on internal back-and-forth.

Report on response time SLAs with inbox analytics

Use automated rules to tag messages for an urgent reply before you miss a response time SLA. Demonstrate your team’s performance to clients with powerful analytics to track breaches.

Deliver a personalized experience to every client — efficiently

Route requests to the right client team automatically, use canned responses to standardize confirmations, and track progress with tags for airlines, destinations, and more.

No more messy email lists, forwarding, or duplicate replies

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Collaborate quickly on client email

@Mention teammates in internal comments to get their input on requests, and keep them in the loop without CC's

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Assign owners for accountability

Route requests to the right team for follow up with less internal coordination and no duplicate replies

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Manage all your email in one app

Connect your individual work email as a separate inbox to switch seamlessly between shared and private messages

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Automate and report on reply time

Save time routing and tagging with rules, and get insights on key metrics like response time, SLAs, and request volume

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Exceed response time SLAs

Snooze messages for later and set response time limits with rules, so you never forget to follow up on a message

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Engage clients across channels

Manage requests to client email aliases, or expand to SMS or live chat — all in one multi-channel platform

Integrate apps and custom systems with your inbox

Connect your Google or Office 365 Calendar to schedule and update meetings, right from your inbox

Integrate custom systems and CRMs into your inbox to save time pulling reservation details and avoid duplicating work

Access CRM records from your inbox to get context for your replies and make notes on the client’s account in real time

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