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unified inbox
unified inbox

What is a unified inbox?

A unified inbox lets you check your email, reply to a tweet, or answer a live chat message — all in one platform. Instead of switching between tools and tabs to manage your messages, you can manage and respond to everything in one place. That's why teams love Front. Whether it's email, SMS texts, tweets, live chats, reviews, or any other message, you can manage it all as a team in Front.

Team up to get more done

Part of a distribution list or group alias like team@? With Front, you can work on group messages with your team in shared inboxes. No need to forward emails — instead, you can comment and @mention a teammate to chat internally, directly on the email thread. Know the best person to answer a message? Use message assignments to give it a clear owner and share it with them instantly.

Access insights to make better decisions

Which customers communicate with you the most? What topics are you messaging about most often? With Front, you can access analytics across every communication channel. Track messaging habits like response time and busiest time of day, and measure team and individual performance. When you've got the big picture around the way you're communicating, you can make better business decisions for the future.

Front helps us get back to customers faster because it’s so much easier to use. It’s definitely proved its value for us.

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Michael Randall
Sales Support Team Lead, Cisco Meraki