The Shared Inbox for Gmail

Work together to conquer your email with Front, the shared inbox for Gmail.

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shared inbox for gmail
shared inbox for gmail

Why use a shared inbox for Gmail?

With a shared inbox for your Gmail, you and your team can work together to conquer email. Part of a distribution list or a group alias, like team@? A shared inbox lets you manage those emails with your team from a single queue. When one person replies and archives an email, it reflects that way for everyone. That way you all know what’s been answered and what still needs a reply.

Front brings visibility and accountability to Gmail, so you and your team can work through emails more efficiently together.

Hit Inbox Zero as a team

Front makes it easy to stay on top of your Gmail. Don’t need to look at an email right now? Snooze it for later. Need to remember to follow up on a request? Set a reminder, so it’ll come back to your inbox at a later time.

Instead of forwarding an email to collaborate on a reply, you can chat directly on an email with a simple @mention. With Front, your whole team gets fewer emails.

Work better with email insights

What’s your busiest time of day? What topics are you messaging about the most? Front's inbox analytics help you work through email more efficiently. Measure team and individual performance and track metrics like response time, replies to resolve, and more.

With email insights from Front, you can learn about how you and your team work together. That way, you can make better business decisions for the future.

Front is an extremely useful tool for us. Now that we have it, losing this kind of visibility and transparency would be a huge step back for us.

shared inbox for gmail
David Whiteside
Business Improvement Manager, onefinestay