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multi-channel inbox
multi-channel inbox

One collaborative inbox for every message

Whether it’s email, SMS texts, live chat, social media messages, reviews, or more, you can manage it all in Front. No more switching back and forth between tools to check messages and reply — instead, every message comes into one easy-to-use inbox.

Front's inbox integrations help you work even more efficiently. Access and edit Salesforce, Asana, JIRA, or 50+ other essential apps, so all the information you need is right in your inbox. Front makes managing messages from many channels easier than ever.

Collaborate to stay on top of every message

Front is a multi-channel inbox designed for teams — so you can work together to conquer your messages. With shared inboxes, your team can work through group messages in a single queue. Need to discuss a message with a teammate? Comment and @mention them to chat about it internally, directly on the message thread.

Improve your work with message insights

With all your messages in Front, you can access inbox analytics across every message and every channel. What’s your busiest time of day? What topics are you messaging about the most? Front lets you measure team and individual performance, so you can learn about the way you work. That way, you can make informed business decisions for the future.

Front gave us efficiency gains that we could reinvest in more impactful work for our customers.

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Lock Whitney
Manager of Customer Success, HubSpot