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email management software
email management software

Bring transparency to your team with a collaborative inbox

Front is the collaborative inbox for working together on all your business communications — group email addresses like contact@ or team@, individual work email, social media, live chats, SMS texts, and more. With increased transparency and accountability for your team, Front makes collaborating in your inbox simple.

Work together to give better replies

Front is the inbox built for collaborative teams. With internal-only comments and @mentions, you can chat with your teammates directly on message threads — without forwarding emails.

Not sure if someone's answered a message already? Front has collision detection, so you never send a duplicate reply. Know the best person to answer a message? Assign it to them, so everyone knows who's replying, and nothing slips through the cracks. Need help writing a reply? Share and edit a draft with a teammate in real time. With Front, your team is only a click away.

Collaborate better with inbox insights

Front has analytics to give your team insight into your collaborative inbox. Measure individual and team performance, track which customers you communicate with most, and get insight into the topics that come up most often.

With analytics in Front, you can learn about how you’re working together in your inbox, so you can all work more efficiently.

Front has changed the way we work together, helping us save hours and increasing every team member's productivity.

email management software
Kevin Meert
Head of Sales and Corporate Relations, Privateaser