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Your inbox, reimagined

For customer facing teams, Front is the best of both worlds: the automation and analytics of a help desk, with the personal and intuitive experience of email.

When customers and clients have a request, they want a timely, human response. On the other hand, employees want to be empowered to respond to customer needs efficiently, seamlessly, and with confidence. But regular email makes it too easy for critical messages to be missed, especially when employees are receiving hundreds of emails a day. It’s impossible to tell what’s been handled or what’s overdue for a response.

Your solution is Front. It’s a custom client communication platform that makes it easy for businesses to quickly resolve and respond to messages all in one place.  With shared inboxes in Front, teams get full visibility into all of the requests coming in — be it from their support email, Twitter, or other channels — and can immediately assign that incoming message to the person best equipped to handle it.

Everyone can keep a pulse on what’s happening and can even draft a response together, or comment on the email to loop others in and align on next steps. The teamwork that happens in Front makes for more impactful teamwork and happier customers.  

Front solves another critical problem with traditional email: the inability to manage and measure response time performance. Without a way to prevent and monitor response goals or SLA breaches, you may turn to a clunky help desk. Wouldn’t it be more efficient if that all lived in one place?

Dive in below to read about how we took the best of email and made it measurable so your team can deliver the best possible customer experience.