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SLAs in action

Front's SLAs can have a huge impact on a variety of industries, such as client services teams managing high-value accounts, service businesses handling time-sensitive appointments, and logistics companies dealing with urgent shipment quotes, to name a few. Let’s take a look at how a few of these teams use SLAs today.

Creative agencies differentiate themselves with outstanding client service

For agencies, or other client services teams like corporate travel, response time can be a key differentiator in client retention and success. Front’s email SLAs make sure no opportunity is missed. 

  • Try making your SLA response time an hour, so that you’ll be one of the first to respond to a potential client when an inbound request or proposal arrives.

  • Add a notification for the assignee and the account lead, so they don’t miss out on the new business opportunity. 

Logistics companies ensure that quotes are being handled to drive revenue

Competition can be fierce for logistics companies during the initial phase when shipment quotes are being finalized.

  • Set up an SLA for your incoming requests so quotes are handled ASAP, and add an automatic response to let the client know your team is processing the quote right away. 

  • Get full visibility into team performance with Front’s pre-built SLA reports. If there’s room for improvement, make a goal to never have a message sent to your “Urgent” channel in Slack!

Customer success teams deliver a great experience with confidence

Want to show off your excellent customer experience to prospective clients?

  • Set up specific SLAs for high value accounts to ensure top-notch service to your biggest clients. 

  • Front’s SLA reports are easy to share and can pack a punch when you’re trying to differentiate yourself from competitors.  

Hospitality and services businesses handle time-sensitive appointments and bookings with ease

Service businesses like home cleaning or car repair rely on bookings for growth.

  • Create an SLA that notifies you 15 minutes before a breach so that there’s never a missed business opportunity.

  • If there’s a returning customer, send an auto response to welcome them back while you complete their booking.