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Key SLA features in Front

Let’s walk through some key benefits and pro tips for helping your team respond faster with SLA rules.

Guided setup that’s easy to maintain

SLAs only take a few clicks to set up and can be easily updated at any time. Set a response time goal and what types of conversations it should apply to, and Front handles the rest. Customizing is optional and straightforward: keep it simple with one SLA for all your customers, or create multiple SLAs for different inboxes or client groups.

Chapter 2 sla guide set up image

Customize your escalation path 

Front is more than just a ticket system — it’s a platform that allows you to build customized workflows. You get complete control over escalation processes for conversations that are at risk of a breach. Here are all the things you can do when a message is at risk of an SLA breach:

  • Tag it to alert your team

  • Set up custom notifications

  • Reassign to another teammate

  • Move to an urgent inbox

Smart workflows like these ensure client messages get in front of the right eyes at the right time, so your team can deliver the experience your clients deserve.

SLA guide chapter 2 customize escalation path

Prevent breaches before they happen

Sometimes a label on a conversation isn’t enough to alert your team when a conversation is at risk of breaching. That’s why Front gives you extensive customization options so you can be sure your team sees and catches breaches before they happen. You can set a time before your SLA expires when conversations should be flagged as urgent so your team can respond. Warnings give your team a buffer to prevent breaches before they happen.

SLA guide chapter 2 prevent breaches

Measure your success with analytics reporting

Your team can accomplish great things when you have the insights you need. Front’s pre-built analytics reports for each SLA give you a comprehensive look at breaches, response time, and other performance metrics. The reports — not possible with traditional email — are easily shareable, so you can motivate your team, show clients your dedication, and give prospects a clear expectation of the great service you can deliver. Pre-built reporting makes it easy to track performance over time, so you can constantly find new ways to improve.

Create multiple unique SLAs

Need different SLAs for your Pro and Standard clients? No problem. Set up multiple SLAs for different criteria like account value or client contact groups, and Front will automatically apply the right SLAs to the right conversation.

SLA guide chapter 2 create multiple SLAs