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All about response time SLAs

Front’s SLA rules are the guard rails your team needs to ensure every email is handled on time and every customer has a great experience with your team.

What’s an SLA? 

An SLA, or Service Level Agreement, is a goal or agreed upon amount of time for businesses to respond or resolve client messages. SLAs help ensure businesses hit their service goals and meet their customers’ expectations. Front’s email SLAs enable your team to respond to every message on time and easily share specific response time metrics with your clients — without giving up the personalized experience of email.

Think of email SLAs as an extension of Front’s custom rules that simplify creating, managing, and reporting on client communication performance. With guided setup, you can easily build the exact workflow your team needs to hit your response time goals. 

SLA guide Chapter 1 image What's an SLA

Hitting your goals with Front SLAs 

Even if you don’t have contractual SLAs in your client agreements, setting specific response time goals helps you understand and improve your customer experience. SLA alerts escalate conversations for an urgent response automatically, and you can even combine them with load balancing assignments to help conversations get handled even faster. 

Front’s SLAs can be customized to automatically route inbound conversations to a specific team or employee, classify them with a custom tag, or even send them to a Slack channel. This can be a game changer for any customer facing team who wants to improve their client communications workflow and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

3 tricks to customize your SLA rules

1. Set up different response time goals for different types of customers, like “VIP” or a client name.

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2. Tag breaches with a specific name or emoji. 

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3. Trigger an alert in an #urgent Slack channel when close to a breach.

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