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FreightWaves Live 2020: Front Product Demo

The final frontier of logistics optimization

Logistics companies optimize everything. They triple check everything. And they measure everything. So why are so few optimizing, checking, and measuring their email, SMS, and other communications? Front allows logistics and transportation teams to efficiently organize requests from many channels into a single platform. You can plug any apps you rely on, such as a TMS, into Front as well to view it all in one place. With Front, teams get a clear view of what’s being worked on, can collaborate faster, and can understand metrics about communications. 

Watch Andersen Yu showcase how best-in-class logistics teams use Front to power their business. He's joined by Mark Gordon, Director of Operations at Jarrett Logistics, Warren Kucker, Co-founder & CEO at Boxton, and Will Kerr, President of Edge Logistics, who share their favorite Front features for streamlining internal operations and delivering an excellent customer experience.

Front brings you:

💌 Accountability: clear message ownership, so you know who’s responsible for what

💫 Efficiency: you can automate repetitive tasks and prioritize important work

Response time & SLAs: so you can measure and benchmark team performance

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