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Manage your individual email in Front

Increase your productivity while keeping your email private.

All your messages in one place

Manage both your shared and private work conversations in one platform. Messages sent directly to you are private by default, and can be shared with the right people in your team.

When you get to "inbox zero", you know it's for real 😉

Fewer emails, better collaboration

Email collaboration is painful. Forwards, CC, BCC, and long email threads get messy.

In Front, loop in a teammate using an @mention – even on messages in your individual inbox. Get their thoughts or help drafting emails by granting one-off access to your messages.

And don't stress about going out of office 😎 With Front, you can give a trusted teammate access to your inbox to handle urgent messages.

Inbox zero without the effort

Sort messages faster with powerful rules. Message reminders and "snooze" make it easy to keep your inbox in order.

Send files directly from your Dropbox or Google Drive account, so you don't need to worry about attachment limits.

And there's no need for extensions here: schedule messages to be sent later, insert canned responses, and see when your emails have been opened and read, right in Front.

Connected to the apps you love

Front connects with the apps modern teams rely on: Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, Trello, JIRA, and more.

Keep data in sync across tools, and bring more context into your inbox with plugins displayed next to every message. Beyond our native integrations, Zapier connects Front with hundreds of apps to help you automate your day.

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If you still have questions, simply contact us 😉