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it help desk software
it help desk software

What is IT it help desk software?

When your team needs help with technology and tools, they're heading straight to your IT support reps. But when your business grows and you're managing high ticket volume, you need an organized way to stay on top of every request.

That's why teams love Front. Better than IT help desk software, Front is the inbox built with support teams in mind. Front centralizes your support requests from email, live chat, and more into one collaborative inbox. With Front, your IT team can work together to give end users the information they need, faster.

Bridge the gap between IT and end users

When you’re managing high ticket volume and rolling out changes for your end users, you need a reliable, organized way to stay on top of incoming requests. With Front, your team can manage group addresses like from a shared inbox.

Front allows you to assign a clear owner to every message, so nothing falls through the cracks or goes unanswered. And with tools like message reminders, you never forget to follow up on a request.

Reporting and insights for faster replies

Your IT help desk software should help your team learn and grow to keep improving support for your team. With Front's Analytics, you can gather insights on business issues, track individual and team performance, and pinpoint common requests.

Measure response time, replies to resolve, busiest time of day, and more. That way you can make better business decisions for your end users and your team.

Front has aligned all of our customer communications in one place so that we can offer better customer support. We have faster response times, and can communicate with customers how they want to be communicated with – whether that’s via SMS texts, chat email or phone.

it help desk software
Mike Rosenbaum
CEO and Co-founder, Spacer