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Integrations Shipamax
Automated data extraction for the logistics industry
Shipamax saves logistics companies hours of admin each week by automatically extracting data from email attachments in real time. With Shipamax, you can automate data entry for everyday tasks like customs submissions, ERP updates, and account reconciliation — instead of keying in these updates manually.

First, Shipamax extracts key details from the attachments in your inbox: bills of lading, supplier invoices, packing lists, and more. From Front, you can review this data for each email and even make real-time edits before sending it through to your ERP or TMS. Don't need to make changes? You can enable straight through processing via Shipamax as well.

Contact your Front administrator to enable the Shipamax integration.

How it works with Front

Automatically extract data from email attachments like supplier invoices and arrival notices. Make updates directly from your inbox to ensure accuracy, and sync it instantly to your ERP or TMS.

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