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Use rules to save your NPS scores and customer feedback in Front. Front also adds respondents to contact groups for easy follow up.

Delighted makes it easy for you to gather valuable customer feedback and measure your Net Promoter System (NPS) score. With a single survey, customers can rate your product and comment on what they love or what they'd like to see changed.

With this integration, surfacing Delighted NPS scores and feedback to your entire team is simple. Use rules to set a destination for your Delighted responses, and every score and piece of feedback will be saved there automatically. Front even adds respondents to contact groups like "Delighted Promoters", so you can follow up with all the context you need. Scores and feedback from Delighted will appear as new messages in Front that are auto-tagged with Delighted Promoter, Delighted Passive, or Delighted Detractor. Anyone submitting feedback will also be added to a related Delighted Promoter, Passive, or Detractor contact group. Their score and feedback will be saved as a note in their contact details.

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