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Email management for accounting firms

Conquer your inbox with Front, the email platform that brings all of your client communications and internal discussions into one scalable platform

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financial services software

Bring accountability and automation into your inbox

When you’re the back office backbone of your clients’ financial operations, you need an email client that works overtime — so you don’t have to. Front brings all your client communications into one easy-to-use inbox and helps you to deliver the seamless, high-touch experience that your clients love you for.

financial services software

Email as efficient as you are

Leave messy distribution lists behind and and move projects forward in shared, searchable inboxes. Bring dedicated client email addresses (VIPclient@) and group email aliases like info@ into one place to easily organize, track and coordinate all of your responses as a team so you can spend less time triaging your inbox and more time on your work.

7x faster responses

Let’s face it: email can be a time suck for your team. Front lets you resolve issues faster by bringing all of your client communication and internal discussions into one place. Cut down on email overload with smart message routing, increase accountability with message assignments, and jumpstart replies with canned responses.

financial services software
financial services software

Work smarter with inbox analytics

Gain actionable insights on key metrics like message volume, first response and resolution time. Customizable reports empower you to proactively plan, scale up your operations to handle increased business during busy seasons, and improve overall performance.

Work more efficiently. Deliver a superior client experience.

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See who’s reading your emails

Read receipts show who’s opened your messages, so you know when to follow up

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Work together behind-the-scenes

Internal comments and shared drafts make it easy to collaborate on replies and hand messages off to another teammate

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Meet response time SLAs

Snooze messages for later and set response time limits with rules, so you never forget to follow up on a message

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Save time on day-to-day tasks

Be efficient with all the tools, data, and context you need right in your inbox—and save 6 hours per person every week

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Select an owner for every message

Assign incoming messages manually or automatically with rules, so no request slips through the cracks

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Give VIP service

Set automated rules around VIP clients and urgent requests to route them to the right person, faster

Front powers better communication for businesses around the globe

In Outlook, we could only see what had happened since the point in time that we joined the distribution list. With Front, we have access to all the client history we need.

financial services software
Kathy Costillo
Head of Technology Service Center, Countsy

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