How to manage multiple support channels

Easily manage multiple support channels with Front, the multi-channel inbox for teams.

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manage customer success emails
manage customer success emails

Staying on top of support requests

Your support team is a powerhouse. Managing customer requests across email, phone, social media, live chat, or other channels, they ensure customers get the answers they need, no matter what.

That’s why support teams love Front. Whether it’s email, SMS texts, live chat, social media messages, reviews, or more, you can manage it all in Front. No more switching back and forth between tools to check messages and reply — instead, every message comes into one easy-to-use inbox.

Working together to give great support

Support requires strategic problem-solving, and often, your team needs to collaborate to give customers the best solution.

Front is a multi-channel inbox designed for support teams — so you can work together to conquer your messages. With shared inboxes, your team can work through support messages in a single queue. Need to discuss a request with a teammate? Comment and @mention them to chat about it internally, directly on the message thread. Get a second opinion on replies by sharing and editing drafts in real time. Front makes working together on email simple.

Access customer context in your inbox

When you’re in customer support, you’re managing a lot of conversations each day. Wouldn’t it be easier if your inbox made it easy to find the context you need about customer conversations?

With Front, you can browse your team’s entire conversation history with a customer, across every channel. So if a customer sends you a tweet, then emails you a week later, you can easily browse and reference those conversations. With Front, you have the context you need to give customers great service.

Front has aligned all of our customer communications in one place so that we can offer better customer support. We have faster response times, and can communicate with customers how they want to be communicated with – whether that’s via SMS texts, chat email or phone.

manage customer success emails
Mike Rosenbaum
CEO and Co-founder, Spacer