How to manage customer success emails

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manage customer success emails
manage customer success emails

Staying on top of customer success emails

Your customer success team is a powerhouse. They manage multiple customer email accounts, and work hard to ensure they all stay engaged and happy. But staying on top of customer success emails can be a challenge. That’s why customer success teams love Front, the inbox built for collaborative teams.

Front brings all your customer communications into one easy-to-use inbox. Whether it’s email, SMS texts, live chats, or social media messages, Front lets you manage every customer conversation in one place, so you can deliver a better experience.

Working together to create a great customer experience

Customer success teams work closely with each other, and with teammates from sales, support, and product. You need to be able to easily collaborate on emails with those teams to get your customers the best replies.

Front makes it easy for customer success teams to collaborate. Get a second opinion on replies by sharing and editing drafts in real time. Comment and @mention teammates on customer conversations to chat internally, without forwarding. Automatically assign emails to support or product. Front makes working together on email simple.

Access customer context and history in your inbox

When you’re in customer success, you have to remember a lot of details about many different customers and conversations. Wouldn’t it be easier if your inbox made it easy to find the context you need about customer conversations?

With shared inboxes in Front, you can browse your team’s entire conversation history with that customer, across every channel. So if a customer sends you a tweet, then emails you a week later, you can easily browse and reference those conversations. With Front, you have the context you need to give customers great service.

Front gave us efficiency gains that we could reinvest in more impactful work for our customers.

manage customer success emails
Lock Whitney
Manager of Customer Success, HubSpot