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email collaboration software
email collaboration software

What is email collaboration software?

Today, we depend on our teammates more than ever. But traditional email wasn’t built to handle fast-paced, collaborative work. With email collaboration software like Front, it’s easy to work together on email. Instead of everyone getting their own copy of the same message, everyone works on the same queue of messages in a shared inbox — together.

Conquer your inbox as a team

Front is designed for working together. Comment and @mention your teammates to chat with them, directly on message threads. Instantly share messages without forwarding or cc'ing, and use assignments to give a clear owner to every message. Send better replies by sharing and editing email drafts in real time. With Front, your team can conquer your inbox together.

Work faster with tools for efficiency

Front has tools to help you get more done. Snooze messages when you don't need to look at them. Set reminders on messages, so you never forget to follow up. Use automated rules to let your inbox take care of repetitive actions for you. Front makes it easy to reach inbox zero.

Front makes it easy to be sure we’re not missing emails. It gives us visibility we never had with Outlook.

email collaboration software
Judith Leung
Sales Support Lead, Cisco Meraki