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Email Management Software for Collaborative Teams

Team up to conquer your inbox with email management software from Front.

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email management software
email management software

What is email management software?

Email management software takes the headache out of email. Whether you’re managing multiple email accounts, juggling group email aliases, or receiving thousands of emails every week, email management software makes it easy to handle, all in one place.

That’s why teams love Front. By managing your email in Front, you can stay on top of every message, and work through your inbox more efficiently to give faster replies.

Automate your inbox to focus on getting work done

Every second counts when you’re working through your inbox. Front gives you tools and automation to help you work through messages faster.

Snooze an email when you don't need to look at it until later. Set reminders so you never forget to follow up. Save canned responses so you can send more thorough replies, faster. Use easy-to-build rules to automate actions you do again and again. Front is the email management software that makes it easy to keep your inbox under control, so you can focus on what matters.

Keep improving with email insights

People spend nearly 3 hours in their inboxes each day. Front has analytics to help you make the most of that time. Measure individual and team performance, track which customers you communicate with most, and get insight into the topics that come up most often.

With Front, you can gain insights on the way you work, so you can make better decisions for the future.

Front has changed the way we work together, helping us save hours and increasing every team member's productivity.

email management software
Kevin Meert
Head of Sales and Corporate Relations, Privateaser