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Build better customer relationships with Front, the customer management software for collaborative teams.

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customer management software
customer management software

What is customer management software?

Every conversation counts when you’re managing customer relationships. Front brings all your customer messages into one easy-to-use inbox. Whether it’s email, SMS texts, live chats, or social media messages, you can manage it all in Front to give customers a seamless experience.

Work together to make customers happy

Front makes it easy to team up to deliver a great experience. Share drafts with your teammates in real time to get a second opinion and write better replies. Comment and @mention teammates on customer conversations to chat internally, without forwarding a message.

Front has message assignments, so every customer email gets a clear owner and nothing slips through the cracks. Find yourself writing the same message over and over? Save a canned response for your team, so you can all send quick, thorough replies.

Access customer data to build a better experience

Front brings customer data directly into your inbox, so it's easy to get the full picture of every customer. Integrate with CRMs like Salesforce, Base, or your custom CRM, so you can reference and update customer information, directly next to your messages.

With access to every customer’s full conversation history from every channel, you’ll never ask your customers to repeat themselves. Whether you’re transferring customer accounts or taking vacation, Front gives your team the context they need to keep customers engaged and happy.

Front helps us get back to customers faster because it’s so much easier to use. It’s definitely proved its value for us.

customer management software
Michael Randall
Sales Support Team Lead, Cisco Meraki