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Checklist - 2 Min Read

Sales team setup checklist

Add your team

Giving your team access to your Front account is the first step. Then set them up with the proper permissions and access for efficient sales management.

  •  Invite your teammates

  •  Promote any teammates to admins if they will help manage your Front account

Create inboxes

Inboxes keep you and your team stay organized and help get more work done. Inboxes can contain multiple communication channels.

  • Add your individual work email to Front

  • Add a team inbox for inbound leads

    • Add a channel for your inbound sales email

    • Add a channel for your company’s social pages (e.g. Facebook)

    • Add a channel for your company’s website chat (e.g. Intercom, Smooch, Front Chat, etc.)

  • Give your teammates access to the inboxes and folders they’ll be working in

Determine tags and message templates

Tags allow you and your team to categorize messages to receive valuable analytics and create customized workflows. Message templates save you time so you can spend less time typing and more time selling.

  •  Create tags

    • Your existing email client’s folders

    • Hot lead

    • Customer tiers

    • Customer industries

    • High value prospects

    • Customer feedback

    • Refund request

  • Pin your most frequently used tags to your sidebar

  • Build message templates for your most frequently asked questions

    • Inbound leads

      • Scheduling a demo

      • Demo follow up

      • Meeting request

    • Prospecting

      • Introduction and marketing materials

      • Proposals and pricing

      • New feature announcements

    • Existing Customers

      • Your renewal is upcoming

canned response gif

Build rules

Rules let you automate communication and assignment processes so you can your team don’t get bogged down with time consuming administrative tasks.

  •  Round-robin lead assignment

    • When: Inbound message

    • If: Inbox is sales@yourcompany.com

    • Then: Assign in group > Round-robin > Sales team members’ names

  • Auto-tag new customers based on lead generation channel

    • When: Inbound message

    • If: Channel is sales@yourcompany.com

    • Then: Add tag Website Lead

  • Prioritize your leads

    • When: Inbound message

    • If: Body contains “I’m interested”

    • Then: Add tag Hot Lead

Connect integrations

The last step is connecting front to the other apps you and your Sales team rely on.

  •  Under Settings > Inboxes opt to Auto BCC your emails to Salesforce or your CRM

  •  Integrate with any of the 50+ apps available (e.g.Shopify, Salesforce, etc.)

Integration panel - Reference Salesforce gif

Ready for more?

Your Sales team might also enjoy the following Front features.

  • Assigning messages from your individual inbox to teammates

  • Reminders on individual messages to follow up

  • The option to Send later for staging messages

  • Sharing Drafts with colleagues for collaborative editing and feedback

  • Update your Signature options with relevant announcements and meeting options

  • Launching Sequences for coupons, sales, and promos

Keep learning

Customer Story - 3 Min ReadBetter Mortgage uses Front to make their loan officers 1200% more productive
Learn how Better.com, a mortgage company reimagining the industry, has used shared drafts, message templates, and analytics to improve their workflow, scale personal customer communication, and ultimately make their loan officers 1200% more productive than the industry average. Better.com is an online mortgage startup that takes a very team-based approach to selling and processing. Because the mortgage business relies on incredibly personal, high-touch customer communication with mortgage seekers, Better.com puts in a lot of thought into how to retain a human connection with customers while online (and growing so rapidly). They use Front to collaborate, provide personal communication that scales, and improve efficiency to meet their rising demand.  They have 3 favorite features in Front that have helped them close deals faster and build strong, more personal relationships with clients as they grow without turning to a robotic solution that sacrifices human communication in an industry that relies so much on customer trust: Analytics provides visibility into impact by allowing managers to gain an intimate understanding of customer needs, team performance, and handle time.  Shared inboxes and shared drafts make hand-offs seamless, so that any teammate can have visibility into what’s going on with a client, and make high-touch communication a team sport.  Message templates save time and keep the brand voice consistent. Better saves a variety of email templates that their team can use and then personalize.  Analytics has been the bible for my managers as they're working with their teams and they're looking to understand not only how their agents are working, but what impact they’re having. So it's an integral part of our workflow. It's something that we're checking every day.”—Sarah Pierce, Head of Sales, Better.com Analytics, shared inboxes and shared drafts, as well as message templates are now the backbone of their workflow. They’ve also been able to automate their workflow with rules, giving the team even more time back to focus on the quality of their communication with customers. After using these features in Front, their loan officers are on average 1200% more productive than the average industry loan officer, Pierce says. Curious how improve efficiency and teamwork for your own team? Check out the inspiration below.  Do it yourself Shared drafts When there’s a complex customer need or a highly important opportunity, it can be beneficial to write an email as a team. Share a draft with as many people as you want to leverage the expertise and knowledge of a variety of people.  Message templates Create a variety of message templates to help train your team how to respond, keep tone and voice consistent, and save time. Teammates can then go find the message template that fits their need and spend more time personalizing the message. This ensures that the quality of customer communication doesn’t dwindle as your team becomes busy, and lets the emphasis always be on personalizing the message.  Analytics Better.com uses their Analytics tab to get insights into employee performance, customer needs, and more so they can constantly be improving their workflow.  They’re able to anticipate when it’s time to hire by evaluating when their team is overwhelmed, see who’s equipped to handle the largest deals, and their busiest hours. 
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