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Meetings done right – 5 ways that Front Scheduling takes the headache out of meetings

Despite the dreaded Zoom fatigue that seems to accompany a lot of 2020 – it can’t be denied – the alternative doesn’t look so bright, either. A day without chatting to anyone outside your home? No thanks. 

We’re finding ourselves cherishing any opportunity to see each other’s faces, even during work meetings. Video calls and phone calls still make work feel more enjoyable and customers feel tended to. So, we’ve given the Front Scheduling experience a makeover to make it easier than ever to meet with people. Now, you can grab a virtual coffee with a coworker or schedule a customer demo in a matter of clicks – without the back-and-forth chaos of trying to find the best time. 

Here are 5 ways to get the most out of our fresh take on the Scheduling experience:

  1. A hack for group meetings: Sending meeting options to a client with several teammates couldn’t be easier. Insert available meeting options that work for all your internal meeting attendees right into the email – all the client needs to do is simply click on the time that works best for them.

    A hack for group meetings
  2. Prep for holiday chaos: With the end of the year around the corner, your calendar is bound to get crammed with holiday plans, time OOO, and end of the year work requests. Think about how many clicks it usually takes to book meetings: you pull up your calendar, you pull up your client's calendar, click around to find times, copy and paste options into an email, etc. Take the hassle out of booking meetings and save time by using Scheduling links in your emails– get it done in 1 easy click and save your headache for difficult relatives instead. Happy holidays!

    Pick a time

  3. Pair it with a message template: Let’s say you block part of your day to host product demos and another part for user testing research. Now, you can create a Message Template for each and include a unique meeting link to make scheduling time with prospects needing a demo and time for user testing a breeze. Pro tip: Make that Message Template a shortcut and trigger them by typing Command/Ctrl + Shift + 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 in the composer.

    Message Template
  4. Enrich your CTAs: Need to follow up with people after a large event? Include your scheduling link on a custom landing page or in an email follow-up to make it easy for people to book time with you.  

  5. Include your scheduling link in your email signature: Make your sign-off warmer and more inviting by including your unique Scheduling link directly in your email signature. When people want to follow up on your message with a phone call or meeting, all they have to do is click on your link.


    Here's to a more hassle-free Scheduling experience, and to always making it a priority to connect with teammates and customers in real-time.

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Guide - 3 Min ReadStaying connected: Collaboration in Front
When your team has the information they need, they can serve customers better. Part of that means being able to loop in teammates to ask questions and work together. That’s why we’ve built Front to make collaborating quick and easy. Front lets you collaborate in a few unique ways that you can’t replicate in any other platform: team inboxes, internal discussions, comments, and shared drafts. We’ll go over each one below. #Team inboxes Team inboxes Team inboxes are your home base for collaboration. Your whole team can view team inboxes together and work off a single, shared copy of every message. Right off the bat, there’s perfect visibility into what your team needs to tackle.  Because you can all view the same workload, it makes it easy to see what people are working on and where teammates can step in to support each other. View who’s working on a message by seeing who it’s assigned to, or viewing the comments and replies – When you leave a comment in a team inbox or respond to a message, everyone can see it.  #Comments Comments Long gone are the days of messy forwarded email chains, having to go to Slack to discuss an email in your inbox, or working on an email draft in a Google Doc. You can use Front instead.  When you need help on an email, all you need to do is @mention someone in the comments section. This allows you to directly comment back and forth on an email internally. It’s especially handy when someone wants to phone a friend for help on a Sales deal or a complicated customer issue, but it’s also a great tool to leave notes for yourself so you remember the full context when you refer back to an old conversation. Pin the most critical comments so the conversation is scannable later on.  #Shared drafts Shared Drafts Sometimes, it takes a village to write an important email. Be it a company-wide announcement or a message to a VIP client, sometimes, you just need a second pair of eyes on an email. In Front, you can share a draft with 1 or many teammates and write the email together to align on voice, tone, content, and more.  #Discussions Internal Discussions Start an internal discussion – which is basically like a group message in Slack (but in your inbox, where it belongs) – with 1 person, a few teammates, or an entire team inbox to talk about a topic. Discussions don’t have the formality of email, which builds team culture and an easy environment of collaboration, but can still be assigned to people, moved to tags, snoozed, and more.  #Zoom Hop on a Zoom call from Front When you’re commenting or brainstorming and want to take it to video quickly, Front lets you do just that. Hop on a Zoom call right from the comment bar to initiate a quick chat and resolve a complex customer issue in real time.  #Calendar Schedule meetings from Front Some conversations are best in person. To easily schedule a meeting, you can access Front Calendar any time on the right side of your inbox. Pop it open, pull up a teammates’s calendar, and schedule a meeting.  When your team is in sync, you can communicate with customers better. Use these collaboration features in Front to work together and make customers happy.
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