Giving Back: Introducing the Front Foundation

We're excited to be giving back 1% of our time, equity, and product to charitable causes through our philanthropic arm, the Front Foundation.

Emily Hackeling, Content Marketing at Front
9 August 20202 Min Read

We're excited to be giving back 1% of our time, equity, and product to charitable causes through our philanthropic arm, the Front Foundation.

At Front, we recognize that actions can speak louder than words. That’s why we try to live out our team values in everything we do — in the product we’re building, in our conversations with customers, and in our actions towards each other every day.

Now, we’re excited to extend that philosophy to the community around us with the official launch of Front’s philanthropic arm, the Front Foundation.

With the Front Foundation, we’ve pledged to give 1 percent of our team’s time, equity, and product to the community around us. Here’s how we’re excited to be giving back:


We are setting aside 1 percent of our equity to be allocated for charitable giving through the Front Foundation.


Our team will give 1 percent of our time to charitable causes. As a group, we’re focusing on positively impacting areas of our local community, including, but not limited to: homelessness, the environment, health and human rights, children, and education.

Since we started tracking our hours in July, we’ve collectively donated nearly 200 hours to nonprofit organizations, focusing on projects that help the homeless, domestic violence victims, and at-risk groups in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Paris, France.

To encourage everyone to participate in our mission to give back, Fronteers each receive three days of paid VTO, Volunteer Time Off, which can be used to support causes of their choice.


Front already helps a number of nonprofit organizations across the world efficiently manage email and collaborate as a team. To continue helping these organizations make a positive impact on the world around them, we’re now offering registered 501(c)(3) organizations a 50 percent discount on all Front plans when they sign an annual contract.

Learn how nonprofit teams are using Front to fuel their communication and maximize their impact across the world:

  • CHAYN collaborates across borders and languages to provide resources to women experiencing abuse

  • Empower Work provides real-time support to people in tough work situations via their SMS text and live chat

  • Code For America cuts food stamp application process from hours to minutes with Twilio SMS + Front

Are you a registered 501(c)(3)? Reach out to, and we’ll be happy to help you and your team get started with Front.

Written by Emily Hackeling
Originally Published: 21 November 2018

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