Front + Smooch = In-App Messaging Capabilities in Front

Mathilde Collin, CEO & Co-founder at Front
10 August 20201 Min Read

Your customers use many different channels to contact you. Our mission at Front is to help you stay on top of all those conversations. That’s why today, we’re happy to announce our latest integration: Smooch!

What’s Smooch?

Smooch lets you add messaging to your app, both on the Web and on mobile. Users can start a conversation, or you can message them proactively. In-app messaging beats all the other channels in terms of speed — offering it to your users is a sure way to improve their experience.

Smooch + Front

Adding a new channel doesn’t mean fragmenting your communication efforts: Front will happily help you manage everything in one place. Every time a user contacts you through Smooch’s in-app chat, the conversation is instantly created in Front and synced with Smooch. All the features of Front can be applied to these conversations: auto-replies, canned answers, assignments, comments, rules & tag, etc.

How cool is that?

Smooch comes with a nice set of advanced features. For instance, once you’ve connected Stripe to Smooch, you can initiate charges directly inside a conversation. This feature, and all the many others available in Smooch, can be used directly from Front.

See their announcement here!

Written by Mathilde Collin
Originally Published: 25 January 2016

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