Hello, Phoenix! Expanding Front with a new office in Arizona

We’re on a mission to help teams around the world find meaning and happiness at work. It’s a tall order, and we’ve been grateful to scale our team significantly this year to help carry it out. As 2019 comes to a close, we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded Front even further with the opening of our third office, located in Phoenix, Arizona!

Phoenix is an emerging tech hub blossoming with new talent where we can stay close to our customers — so we’re honored and enthusiastic to grow our team there.

Putting customer needs first

We’ve always believed that staying close to our customers geographically is critical to understanding their needs and building the best product we can for them. We now serve more than 5,500 customers across the globe, and around half of those are based in the United States.

As we continue to grow, our presence in Phoenix will allow us to stay close to more of our existing customers — including the University of Arizona, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, and Carvana, to name a few. Hello, new neighbors!

Welcoming talent from an emerging tech scene

With 50+ colleges and universities in Arizona, Phoenix is in close proximity to a large pool of highly talented people. From Arizona State University alone, there are 290,000 graduates living in the state — and 24,000 of those earned a degree in a field related to technology. As we scale to serve more customers, we couldn’t be happier to welcome talent from Phoenix to our team.

Continuing to expand our company culture

Making Front a place where employees feel welcome, respected, and happy is very important to us. Each of our offices stands by our core set of values, but we make space for each location to take on a culture that’s unique to the people working there.

Our San Francisco headquarters serves as our home base with more than 120 employees. In Paris our growing team of 30+ is tight-knit, operating like a startup within a startup. In this third office, we’re bringing our values with us but are excited to progress and diversify our global team with fresh perspectives from Phoenix.

Join us, Phoenix 🎉

Front’s Phoenix office will be led by our CMO, Anthony Kennada. Hiring in sales and marketing, we’ll be bringing on 50 new teammates in Phoenix over the next year. We’d love for you to join us — check out our open roles!

Emily Hackeling, Content Marketing at Front
December 04, 2019